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Neuer Patch für Battlefield 4
Heute wurde ein neuer Clientpatch für Battlefield 4 veröffentlicht. (gut an Eddie für den Hinweis) Er ist über 800 MB groß.

Unter anderem wurden Abstürze behoben, bei dem der Sound in einer Endlosschleife hängen blieb. Außerdem wurde weiter am Netcode geschraubt. Situationen, in denen beide Spieler gleichzeitig sterben, sollen nun weniger häufig auftreten. Das "Steckenbleiben" im Wiederbelebungsfenster soll ebenso beseitigt worden sein, wie fehlende Teamtags über den Spielern, so dass diese nun nicht mehr fälschlicherweise als Gegner wahr genommen werden.

ACHTUNG Nvidia-Nutzer: Es ist nun Treiberversion 331.82 oder höher zu benutzen! Dies ist der derzeitige offizielle Treiber vom 19.11.2013.

-Fix for a crash that would cause the game to stall, resulting in a sound loop. This should eliminate most of the problems relating to this.
-Fix for the SUAV (introduced in the China Rising expansion pack) not exploding when hitting enemy soldiers. While these indeed should be deadly, they were never designed for “roadkilling” opponents.
-Fixed one of the issues related to the so-called “Netcode” (see below for details)
-Fix for player tags not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members.
-Fix for graphical flickering appearing on terrain.
-Fixed the instance where players suddenly would transition into Spectator Mode while playing the Defuse game mode.
-Fix for a Defuse bug where none of the teams would win a round by letting the timer run out.
-Fix for players getting stuck in the revive screen after being killed.
-Fix for players getting stuck in the kill camera after being revived.
-Fix for the game mode specific ribbons being counted twice in the multiplayer progression.
-Made NVidia 331.82 or later driver versions mandatory for all players.
-Disabled DirectX 11.1 on NVidia cards that have outdated drivers.
-Fixed driver version not being properly detected on NVidia Optimus systems.
-Fixed a minor crash that could occur when bringing up the scoreboard.
-Fix for the issue where the game would get stuck in loading screen when players tried to join a Second Assault map without actually owning Second Assault.

“Netcode” improvement
We’ve addressed the so called “Kill trading”. This refers to when two players fire at each other and, seemingly, both die at the same time. The time window where a bullet could cause damage from an already dead player is now calculated as intended, decreasing the timeframe when players with high latency could get a kill, even though they should be dead according to the server."

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